Orana Gardens

About Us

About Us

About Us

Orana Gardens Ltd endeavours to provide a suite of high quality aged care accommodation options for the Dubbo and their surrounding communities.

Our offering

Orana Gardens Ltd offers the local community a diverse range of aged care accommodation options through our Aged Care Complex including:

In 1989 the organisation formed under the name Dubbo RSL Aged Care Association. It was founded as a charitable, not-for-profit organisation with members of the Dubbo RSL Sub-Branch and the Dubbo RSL Memorial Club jointly funding initial constructions.

The Organisation has now evolved into Orana Gardens Ltd with a Chief Executive Officer and Board of 7 committed local citizens.

Our staff are the backbone of the Organisation. Without our staff we could not offer the high quality and varied aged care options which we are able. Our staff are committed to upholding our mission and values at all times.

Our Vision

To be a dynamic, innovative and creative aged care business, providing premium quality services, through effective management by a dedicated professional team.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to promote and enhance the quality of life of residents in our care by making our residents the focus of everything we do. This will be achieved in an environment which fosters connection, sense of belonging, inclusion, respect and dignity. Our plan is to build a reputation within the community for delivering a high standard of care that has as its core focus continuous quality improvement.

Statement of Values


Empower each other with a culture of collaboration


Work in an environment where individuals are valued and ideas are fostered.


Feel safe to express your ideas and listen to those that express theirs.


A family of community members, living and working as one.

Orana Gardens Ltd – Strategic Plan

Orana Gardens Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Orana Gardens Ltd - Accreditation

Orana Gardens - Aged Care and Quality Safety Commission re-accreditation valid to 13 February 2026

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