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Join the Orana Gardens Consumer Advisory Committee

We’re thrilled to introduce the launch of the Consumer Advisory Committee at Orana Gardens, specifically designed to incorporate the invaluable input of individuals using our aged care and home care services, along with their caregivers and family members. As the contact person for the New Consumer Advisory Body, your participation is instrumental in shaping the future of Orana Gardens. We invite you to join our Consumer Advisory Committee, where members can actively contribute to discussions on various aspects of our services.

Key Discussion Areas:
  • Quality and Range of Services: Share feedback and suggest improvements to enhance overall service quality.
  • Technology Usage: Evaluate technology used by Orana Gardens and residents, with a focus on staying current and meeting evolving needs.
  • Communication and Resources: Assess the effectiveness and accessibility of our communication methods and provided resources.
  • Areas of Improvement and Concerns: Identify areas requiring improvement and address any concerns raised by committee members.
  • The Consumer Advisory Committee was established in response to the Royal Commission’s recommendations, underscoring the importance of consumer involvement in shaping the future of aged care and home care services. To meet this initiative, we are actively seeking members by December 1, 2023.
Expectations as a Committee Member:
  • Meetings: Participate in face-to-face or virtual meetings held twice a year, lasting up to one hour each.
  • Document Review: Provide feedback on draft documents to ensure alignment with community needs and expectations.
  • Representation: Act as a representative for clients and consumers, with a particular focus on matters of diversity and inclusion.
  • Surveys and Interviews: Engage in surveys and/or interviews to provide in-depth insights.
To join the Consumer Advisory Committee, please follow these steps:
  • Request the Expression of Interest Form by emailing jenniferf@oranagardens.com.au.
  • Complete the Expression of Interest form and return it to Jennifer via email or the Orana Gardens Reception.
For more information, click here to view a factsheet
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