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Country Club Activities

1. Library – Roundhouse

We have a good selection of books which belong to the residents. Anyone is most welcome to borrow them. The Public Library also delivers and exchanges books each month. Public Library books are stored on the RIGHT HAND SIDE shelves. When borrowed we ask that the book be entered in the exercise book provided and written off when returned. We hope that anyone interested will take advantage of this facility.

2. Driving

Bookings are essential on (02) 6882 7711.
Office hours are 9am – 3pm.

3. Public Buses

These leave from Orana Mall half hourly and more infrequently at weekends, going North, South, East, West and Central Business District. Timetables and information are available from the Bus Company.

4. Cards and Games and Entertainment

A monthly activities program is published and distributed to all residents advising of entertainment, regular activities and special features.
This includes Friday Happy Hour, Thursday Water Aerobics, Friday Recharge Classes, Sunday Chair Yoga and Birthday Bingo.

5. Barbeque Days​

These are usually held on the last Tuesday of each month, at the Country Club. This activity is published in the monthly program.

7. The Roundhouse/Country Club

These are available to all the residents. Any resident desiring to entertain family and friends with a private party to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries etc. are very welcome to use the facilities of the Roundhouse and the Country Club. Bookings are to be made at the Country Club Administration Office.

8. Activities

During the year, other activities and functions are organised by the Estate Social Club Committee members (e.g Melbourne Cup, St Patricks Days, Christmas Lunch, Friday Fish & Chips, Australia Day, Mothers Day, Fathers Day) and details are included in the monthly calendar as circulated. While the privacy of all residents is respected, we trust that no one will feel lonely or isolated and will participate in any of the activities in which they are interested.

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