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Dementia Specific Care

Dementia is a general term for a decline in mental ability severe enough to interfere with daily life. It is an overall term that describes a range of symptoms associated with memory or over thinking skills advanced enough to corrupt a persons ability to perform day to day tasks.

Orana Gardens Ltd caters to people within the community living with dementia and assists in encouraging residents to be able to live with dementia in a safe environment and be supported by optimum nursing care to ensure they are taken care of. Individualised care plans and innovative activities in a warm environment mean your loved one will be able to maintain the highest quality of life. Explore the dementia care options and services on offer at our Dubbo home via the menu to your left, or contact us to book in a private tour and find out more information.

Orana Gardens Residential Aged Care

We are located off of Windsor Parade.

Our main entrance (John Whittle House: Hi-Care Area) has two large “Reception” signs at the front of the building.

The Lodge (Low- Care Area) is located off of Windsor Parade and the corner of Coronation Drive.

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