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Dementia Specific Care


Resident / Relative Meetings

Resident/Relative Meetings are held regularly and provide a forum for discussion on all aspects of resident care.


Telephone connections are available in each room. If a telephone is required the resident/family member can organise the telephone and the connection through their provider. All costs are the responsibility of the resident/family.


A TV connection is available in each room. A cable is required for the aerial. Brackets for wall mounting will be provided by the facility and we ask that the TV be no larger than a 32 inch flat screen.

We also request pictures/photos be hung only on the picture rails where possible to prevent unnecessary holes in the walls.

Outings & Overnight Stays with Family & Friends

Outings with family and/or friends can be arranged at any time. We ask that you let staff know when you will be picking up your family member and the expected time of return. The Residents & Visitors Sign In & Out Register (to comply with fire regulations) is located at reception and we request that this be completed for each outing.


The facility is open to visitors seven days a week at any time within reason. The Visitor’s signing book is located at Reception at John Whittle House & the entrance to the Lodge. We ask that all visitors complete this procedure when entering/ leaving the facility.

Enquiries regarding a resident’s condition can be made 24 hours per day and should be directed to the Registered Nurse on duty.


A laundry service is available five days per week for resident’s personal clothing. Relatives are able to take the residents’ washing home if they wish – please advise staff on admission.

We ask all personal clothing be labelled prior to admission however labels can be ordered at the resident’s expense.

Please ensure all clothing is made from wash and wear fabric. Woollen jumpers, cardigans and delicates are not washed at the home. These articles are the responsibility of the residents’ family.


If you would like to become a member of the Macquarie Library, please speak to the activity staff. A number of books are also located at the facility and are available to residents.


The home offers a six week rotating menu developed by a dietician featuring a variety of seasonal fruit and vegetables. All main meals have an alternative choice however please be aware alternatives are limited to the set meal choices as we do not provide an al a carte menu. Allergies and any special dietary needs will be catered as required.


A mobile hairdresser service is available – details are available upon request however all residents are free to choose and access their own hairdresser.


Orana Gardens recommends residents do not bring any large sums of money or valuable items into the facility. The security of valuables and money is the responsibility of the resident. Whilst all care is taken with the residents’ property, no responsibility will be accepted by Orana Gardens for any loss, damage, repair or safety of these items. We encourage you to discuss the possibility of contents insurance with your insurance company.


If the resident would like to continue to vote, in-house voting can be arranged in advance. If the resident does not want to vote the family can arrange to have the resident’s name removed from the electoral roll.


In the event of a fire or other emergency, please follow the directions of the Registered Nurse on duty as well as any fire or police officers. Emergency exit maps are displayed at every exit – we ask that you make yourself aware of where these are located.

Smoking and Alcohol

The facility is a smoke free environment however there are designated outside smoking areas i.e. courtyards, which staff, residents and visitors can use. Residents are able to smoke in these areas once a risk assessment has been conducted. All residents who smoke must wear a smoke retardant apron whilst doing so. Alcohol is permitted at the cost of the resident/representative.

Dentures, Glasses and Hearing Aids

It is essential dentures, glasses and hearing aids are marked with the resident’s name prior to admission.

Orana Gardens does not accept any responsibility for the loss/damage of these items. It is suggested replacement insurance is sourced for these items. It is strongly recommended the prospective resident visit their dentist prior to admission to ensure that teeth and gums are healthy and dentures are labelled.


Residents are encouraged to dress as they would in their own home. Day clothes are usually worn when out of bed.

The provision of clothing is the responsibility of the residents’ family. Please note that while staff will take every care with personal items of clothing or footwear, the facility does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage.

We recommend the following clothing:

Bringing Food into the Facility

If you wish to bring food into the facility for a resident, it is important to check with the Registered Nurse on duty to ensure its suitability.

All food brought in from outside must be labelled with the resident’s name and dated and signed in at reception.

Food requiring refrigeration should be given to staff if not eaten immediately. Leaving perishable food in the temperature danger zone for too long before eating can result in foodborne illness.Food which can cause food poisoning may not look or taste spoiled.

Foods made with raw egg such as home-made mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, uncooked cakes and desserts can be dangerous for the elderly and should not be given.

Relatives and visitors are asked not to provide food to other residents.

Microwaves are available in resident areas for family/friends to reheat food to appropriate temperatures.


Orana Gardens Ltd offers programs to encourage residents to take part in social activities that promote and protect their dignity.

Transport to an activity of a personal nature such as shopping, a private function or appointments with a health practitioner is the responsibility of the resident or the resident’s family/representative.

The Organisation will give assistance in obtaining access for the above services by making appointments, but providing and paying for transport to and from appointments is the responsibility of the resident or the resident’s representative.

Forms are available on admission for residents to apply for government subsidised taxi vouchers if required.

The Organisation is unable to provide a staff member or volunteer to accompany a person on private outings or appointments.


The Facility Manager is available Monday to Friday. Appointments can be made through reception.

If the Facility Manager is unavailable, the on duty Registered Nurse will be able to assist.


Board members and staff must not accept any gifts or benefits.

Leave Entitlements for Permanent Residents

Permanent residents are entitled to 52 instances of overnight leave (social leave) per financial year. This allows the resident to have time away from the facility whilst retaining their place in the facility.

Residents are entitled to day leave. Please discuss with staff and management if there is any doubt about a resident’s wellness.

On leaving the facility you are required to sign the in/out register and notify staff.

If you require hospital leave, your permanent place will be maintained at the facility until you return. Whilst in hospital, you will continue to pay your regular fees in accordance with the Aged Care Act.

Respite residents are not permitted any overnight leave.

If you require hospital admission whilst on respite, your respite admission will be ceased.


Having agreed to enter the aged care facility, the Care Recipient (or representative) will be asked to sign a Residential Agreement.

These Agreements are required by the Commonwealth to set out the terms and conditions that both the Approved Provider and Care Recipient agree to be bound by.

If a Care Recipient is unable to sign an Agreement we look to a legally appointed representative (such as the Guardianship Board or a person holding the Power of Attorney), or a responsible person as per the Aged Care Act. If a resident wishes to permanently leave the facility, seven days’ notice in writing must be provided.

Making a Will

To avoid problems for family members it is recommended that all persons have a current will. It is also advisable that family members know where the will is located.

Staff members must not be a legal witness to any document signing.

Power of Attorney

You may consider appointing a Power of Attorney. This can be arranged by your solicitor and is usually a family member or a close friend. There are two types – an ordinary power of attorney and an enduring power of attorney. An ordinary power of attorney ceases to have an effect when a person loses mental capacity whereas an enduring power of attorney continues in force after that time. You may wish to consult your solicitor for further information.

Special Instructions Regarding Palliative Care

If you have any special requests regarding palliative care please advise on your application for residency form or the admission staff. A separate palliative care room is available if required.

Funeral Arrangements

On your application for residency you will be asked to nominate your choice of Funeral Director.


On your application for residency you will be asked to nominate your choice of solicitor.

Collection of Personal Items after Separation

When it becomes necessary to vacate the room you will be required to remove your belongings within 24 hours. At your request your belongings will be packed and held in storage at the facility for two weeks after the room is vacated.

Security of Tenure

Under the legislative provisions for security of tenure, a provider may ask a resident to leave if:

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